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What We Believe

1. There is one true and living God who created our world
2. Jesus Christ is the Son of God who was sent into the world to be our Saviour
3. Jesus Christ died on the cross to take God's punishment for our sins
4. All people are born with a sinful nature
5. We need to receive Jesus Christ into our lives, having confessed to God our need of forgiveness
6. The Holy Spirit enters the life of every person who receives Jesus Christ as their saviour and provides daily help to live for God
7. Jesus Christ was raised from the dead by God's mighty power - He is a living Saviour
8. Jesus Christ will return and take to heaven only those whose sins have been forgiven
9. God gives us all a choice in this life - we can know him either as Saviour or Judge
10. The Bible is God's complete and final Word to mankind and all the above statements can be verified by the Bible
Efford Christian Fellowship is not part of any denomination and has no affiliation to any religious bodies. It exists as an independent Bible believing Church which is also committed to supporting Christians in their walk and service worldwide.
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