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Meet the Leaders

The Church Leaders are responsible for the day to day life of the church. They provide experience and leadership, nurturing spiritual growth and helping those in need. In the Bible, elders are often referred to as shepherds as they provide pastoral care and direction for the church. Deacons have a special interest in the practical aspects of the church. If you would like to speak with the leadership team, please let us know via the 'Contact Us' page.

Chris Bartlett

Elder, Treasurer

Recognized as our church elder, Chris also works full time in the construction industry. He enjoys watching Welsh rugby and taking his boat out. Together with his wife Ro, they take care of church finances. In their spare time Chris and Ro enjoy being involved in a number of events for young people. 

Paul Jenkins


Paul, originally from South Wales came to Plymouth University before marrying Jen in 2010. He now works at the local hospital. Their daughter Vesper arrived in 2016 and Ottilie in 2021. Paul is involved in organizing church activities as well as teaching the Bible in various formats.

Steve Lovell


Steve is a self-employed watchmaker who started coming in 2012. He met his wife Susanna at ECF, and they welcomed Isabel into the world in 2018. Susanna works as a nurse and helps out at our Friday kids club. Steve takes care of the website and various aspects of the building.
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